antitheatrical love


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  • adj. In opposition to the theatre.


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anti- +‎ theatrical


  • Indeed, as he asserted in the introduction to his volume of collected essays from 1998, “between myself as historian of the French antitheatrical tradition and the critic who wrote ‘Art and Objecthood’ there looms an unbridgeable gulf.”

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • 'These pages ... propose no polemical thesis,' Professor Barish writes, but the fact that not a single antitheatrical writer from Plato to Yvor Winters is allowed to express himself without being taken apart by Professor Barish gives a polemical flavor to every page of the book.

    The Illegitimate Theater

  • In fact I comment on much besides the actors, on the institutionalizing of the theater, and how that helped inflame antitheatrical passions, of the effects, real or alleged, of plays on their audiences, on a number of interrelated aesthetic questions, such as that of imitation and the responses aroused by it.

    On Stage

  • I remember that Ben Jonson had a strong antitheatrical bent yet was of course a brilliant playwright.

    Red Sea School

  • It was even harder for me to understand how the typologies of the Bechers, consisting of groups of pictures of, say, water towers, were concerned with the antitheatrical rather then an explanation of the nature of ideal forms.


  • As far as I can deduce, Fried's thesis is that the photographers, while creating works that are clearly meant to be seen, are at the same time trying to be antitheatrical, which in the author's lexicon means creating the illusion that the subjects are unaware of the photographer.


  • On the other hand I had a hard time finding the antitheatrical in Ruff's portraits of individuals staring deadpan at the camera or Struth's family portraits that show whole families looking at the camera (and seeming to my mind to look like many other well exposed pictures of people at a family gathering).


  • Another aspect of Glass's antitheatrical theater is how he dispenses with the usual means of indicating what's going on ” not least, dialogue.

    The Truth Force at the Met


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