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  • adj. Counteracting a toxin or poison.
  • adj. Of, relating to, or containing an antitoxin: an antitoxic serum.

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  • adj. that counteracts a toxin or poison
  • adj. of, or relating to an antitoxin

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  • Serving to inhibit or neutralize toxic action; having the character of antitoxin.
  • n. An antitoxic remedy.

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  • adj. counteracting a toxin or poison


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  • It has an anti-infectious action brought about by internal disinfection, but is, in this respect, in contrast to the anti-bacterial disinfectant treatment methods which, for example, can be carried out in laboratory experiments with the aid of the R. Pfeiffer's bacteriolysin; because its activity is only detoxication, we call it antitoxic.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • The term "antitoxic" signifies that serum has the power of neutralizing the action of the toxin, as is shown by mixing them together outside the body and then injecting them into an animal.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2 "Baconthorpe" to "Bankruptcy"

  • He also showed that the toxin-antitoxin reaction is, as chemical reactions are, accelerated by heat and retarded by cold and that the content of antitoxin in antitoxic sera varied so much for various reasons that it was necessary to establish a standard by which their antitoxin content could be exactly measured.

    Paul Ehrlich - Biography

  • I doubt whether it will ever be possible to establish artificially the antitoxic principle of serum therapy in diphtheria, without the aid of vital organization and secretion faculties.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • With this example of antitoxic diphtheria therapy, I have attempted to enumerate for you the chief characteristics of serum therapy as a novum in therapeutics and as a progressive step in medicine.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • I imagine, in fact, that, as regards chemical analysis, the antitoxic and the toxic protein stay exactly the same after detoxication as before; what changes is simply the activated condition; in the same way as the conductors of positive and negative electricity, before and after compensation of their active conditions, remain the same substances in terms of chemical analysis.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • However this may be, no one doubts any more of the existence of a humoral therapy since antitoxic diphtheria therapy has found an assured place for itself in medicine.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • In addition, a certain time must elapse from the injection of the serum until its antitoxic and healing activity in the affected parts of the body can develop.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • The detoxicating, or as it is also called, the antitoxic serum therapy, is, on the other hand, humoral therapy.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • Serum therapy in the form in which it finds application in the treatment of diphtheria patients is an antitoxic or detoxicating curative method.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture


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