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  • adj. Against the practice of whaling, the practice of hunting whales.


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anti- +‎ whaling


  • Watsons direct action is happening because the mainstream antiwhaling groups are not making any progress.

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  • WASHINGTON -- The United States is leading an effort by a handful of antiwhaling nations to broker an agreement that would limit and ultimately end whale hunting by Japan, Norway and Iceland, according to people involved with the negotiations.

    U.S. Leads New Effort To Phase Out Whaling In The Next Decade

  • : Japan has threatened to resume commercial whaling after a suspension of more than 20 years, in a gesture of defiance towards conservationists and antiwhaling governments.

    Car Makers Squeezed

  • The hard-line antiwhaling group Sea Shepherd yesterday raised the stakes in the Antarctic whaling crisis, saying it was about to attack the Japanese whaling fleet and could lose its own ship….

    The Whale Warriors

  • For the first time, Greenpeace is devoting two ships to the antiwhaling campaign, and the hard-line group Sea Shepherd is also sailing to confront the fleet with its vessel Farley Mowat, raising the prospect of the whaling program being severely disrupted.

    The Whale Warriors

  • Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, and other antiwhaling organizations have been misleading the public with their antiwhaling campaigns for years.

    The Whale Warriors

  • Campbell had been consistently against commercial whaling, as had his government, which for decades had been part of the core antiwhaling group in the IWC, led by the United States, England, and Australia.

    The Whale Warriors

  • Bringing a diplomatic end to an unwieldy high-seas drama, three Australian antiwhaling protesters detained after boarding a Japanese vessel in the Indian Ocean will be released to Australian authorities, the government in Canberra announced Tuesday.

    SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter

  • Japan's law enforcement authorities plan to grill an antiwhaling activist from New Zealand, who secretly boarded a Japanese vessel in the Antarctic Ocean, and establish a criminal case under Japanese law, government sources said Tuesday.

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • Japanese authorities are concerned that indicting him could lead the U. S.-based conservationist group to intensify its antiwhaling campaign, they said.

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


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