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  • adj. Resembling an ant. Often used specifically in reference to apparent size or significance


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

ant +β€Ž -like


  • We all poured into the room in long antlike lines, and the mess hall became filled with a collective air of excitement.

    Kings of Colorado

  • How could dominions and virtues fathom the antlike importance of a single human life when their focus was that of continents and the order of the cosmos?

    Surrender the Dark

  • In spite of their cunning philosophy and of their antlike proclivities for cooperation, Nature rejected them for the exceptional man.

    Chapter 38

  • On an early evening last week, the image of Pensacola Beach near the Island Empress resort showed antlike figures, some very pink, swimming in the turquoise water or lazing belly-down in chairs.

    Gulf oil spill scares off some vacationers but prompts others to visit

  • The pounding starts at dawn, when the men with the calloused hands crawl by the hundreds, antlike, over and into the ruins of this broken city, from the toppled old market-houses on the Grand Rue to the humbled schoolhouses of the central city, from the shattered shacks along the waterfront to the crumpled mansions up the hill.

    In Haiti's shattered capital, metal scavengers take to the streets

  • On it a tiny, almost antlike movement that signified ambulatory life was held under the white, glowing cruciform of a center-lens indicator.

    Dead Zero

  • Hundreds of thousands of visitors had preceded him, peering over the canyon rim during the construction phase at the antlike workers seven hundred feet below; afterward, a million tourists a year would heed his call β€œto come to Boulder Dam and see it with your own eyes.”


  • We once again formed our weaving antlike procession, and funneled onto the plane through its rear ramp door.

    Paradise General

  • Below them, bearing down on the small antlike troops of men, flew line after line of dragons.

    Finnegan teoriza la practica de cuerdas

  • Sensing only simmering anger and the absence of blind fury he poked first his head and then the rest of his antlike body into the room.

    A Corridor in the Asylum


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