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  • n. Plural form of apatosaur.


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  • Imagine what a herd of apatosaurs would have done to a garden… 3. To be a hero save the village

    Creationists on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin - The Panda's Thumb

  • FOR 55 MILLION YEARS NATURE SENT wind, water, sun and the molten arteries of Earth itself against what had been a vast inland sea, where apatosaurs once sipped and mammoths later foraged.


  • B The dinosaurs in question are almost certainly not apatosaurs:

    Dinosaur-related nitpicks of this weeks DC comics | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • It's a world where dinosaurs are your next door neighbours, and where some of the most famous feuds in history where actually territorial disputes between apatosaurs bearing grudges...

    Susanna Clarke in the NY Times

  • Alongside the apatosaurs, the smaller hadrosaurs stood on their hind legs to get at foliage.

    Jurassic Park

  • A large herd of apatosaurs was grazing at the edge of the lagoon, eating the leaves of the upper branches of the palm trees.

    Jurassic Park

  • The animals in the mist were perfect apatosaurs, medium-size sauropods.

    Jurassic Park

  • They had been driving through rain-drenched jungle for the last twenty minutes, and had seen nothing since the apatosaurs crossed the road.

    Jurassic Park

  • In the headlamps, Ellie saw a herd of apatosaurs lumbering across the road.

    Jurassic Park

  • The apatosaurs moved in unhurried silence, never looking toward the Jeep and its glowing headlamps.

    Jurassic Park


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