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  • n. Plural form of aphid.


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  • Outdoors, ants can become a problem by protecting insects that damage plants, such as aphids, scales and mealy bugs, from attack by their natural enemies.

    How to stop the ants from marching in (Hurrah!)

  • A few drops of dishwashing detergent mixed with water and sprayed on plants is extremely effective in controlling many soft-bodied insects such as aphids and whiteflies.

    Pest management

  • Typically aimed at soft-bodied insects such as aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs.

    Natural Ingredients

  • This detailed observation can be seen right from the opening of the book, where Charles Freck and Jerry Fabin believe themselves to be infested with 'aphids' which they are attempting to capture in a glass jar for medical analysis.

    Mind Hacks: Neuropsychology and Psychosis in 'A Scanner Darkly'

  • The claimed symptoms of Morgellons are quite different from the Scanner Darkly scene where where Charles Freck and Jerry Fabin believe themselves to be infested with 'aphids' and are attempting to capture them in glass jars.

    Mind Hacks: Is Morgellons a marketing campaign?

  • It has been used in glasshouses to protect ornamental or vegetable seed crops against Homoptera such as aphids, mealybugs, scale insects and whiteflies.

    Chapter 7

  • Phloem feeders, such as aphids, are in general not good candidates for neem used systemically (see earlier).

    5 Effects on Insects

  • At present, we can only try to halt their spread - something nearly impossible to achieve under even the best of circumstances - because viruses "hitch rides" in insects such as aphids, as well as on dirty tools, blowing dust, or spreading floodwaters.

    6 Effects on Other Organisms

  • They are largely spread by sucking insects such as aphids, leafhoppers, and thrips.

    Chapter 10

  • Find out organic methods for controlling garden pests such as aphids, mites, worms, snails, slugs and more, in this free gardening video lesson. - Articles related to Setting up a vegetable garden at home for safe, organic food


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