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  • adv. In an apodictical manner.

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  • Demonstratively; so as to be evident beyond contradiction.
  • By, or in the manner of, an apodictic judgment. See apodictic, 2.


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apodictical +‎ -ly


  • Given Bush's proclivity for hockey style nicknames, don't you guys think its apodictically certain he called Wolfowitz "Wolfie"?

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • Still, economics is a quantitative science - possibly even an aprioristic one that allows me to construct an apodictically certain architechtonic intellectual edifice that says nothing about th real world unlike pete leesons excellent economic history papers.

    10 Austrian Vices and How to Avoid Them - The Austrian Economists

  • Are these so-called first principles apodictically true or merely current empirical wisdom?

    Mann's New Divergence "Theory": A Smoothing Artifact « Climate Audit

  • Such considerations do not demonstrate, apodictically, that condomistic intercourse is not conjugal intercourse.

    The Catholic condom debate III

  • I find this upsetting because most economists are victims of, as François Guillaumat would put it, the “Friedman Paradox”: they preach scientistic pseudo-experimentalism as the only methodology and epistemology but they act as if their beliefs, including their philosophical ones, were apodictically certain.

    Why Aren’t Austrians at the Discussion Table? - The Austrian Economists

  • Austrians are not alone in claiming that economic laws as well the laws of mathematics, geometry, etc are apodictically certain.

    The Austrian Economists:

  • They who have a mean conception of the patriarchs as being prosy and trivial characters, standing on a low level of faith and godliness, are inclined to take offense at so noble a production and to pronounce apodictically that

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • With regard to the last end of man (as "man" and not as "soul"), it is not universally held by Scholastics that the resurrection of the body is proved apodictically in philosophy.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy

  • In controversy with Contarini he expressly declares that reason apodictically proves the mortality of the soul, and that faith alone assures us of the contrary, immortality being, therefore, undue and gratuitous, or supernatural.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • "You really can't accuse me of being young," she apodictically pronounced.

    The Lady Paramount


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