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  • noun The development of an embryo without the occurrence of fertilization, especially in plants.

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  • noun botany plant reproduction without fertilization
  • noun botany plant reproduction without fertilization, meiosis, or the production of gametes
  • noun zoology animal reproduction in which the egg cell did not undergo meiosis or fertilization

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  • noun any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[apo– + Greek mixis, a mingling (from meignunai, mig-, to mingle; see meik- in Indo-European roots).]


  • The word apomixis is from the Greek apo, with the short a, meaning ‘without,’ and mixis, meaning ‘mingling.’

    Day of the Dandelion

  • He was a world authority on the natural phenomenon known as apomixis, by which plants reproduce asexually.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • My good friend Richard Jefferson introduced me to the idea of apomixis and the ways that it might someday revolutionize agriculture.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • Well, Minister, they call it the race to find a supergene that controls asexual reproduction in plants, known as apomixis.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • His team experimented with a type of asexual reproduction called apomixis, using the small mustard plant Arabidopsis thaliana -- normally a sexual reproducer

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • Research aimed at transferring the "apomixis" gene from a wild grass into rice could result in farmers being able to save seed year after year from hybrid plants.

    12: Seeds and germplasm

  • It is a type of sexual breeding, in contrast to asexual systems such as apomixis.


  • "The occurrence of apomixis in the Pomoideæ, and the high frequency of diploid seedlings, 23 out of 39, in a family of pears we raised from crossing the diploid variety Fertility with the triploid variety Beurre Diel, suggested that they may have been apomictically, or in part apomictically, reproduced."

    Mark Bazer: A Grapple a Day...Won't do Much for You

  • It will be argued that the success of apomicts in the long run depends critically on their ability to cross with sexual relatives and that this enables apomixis to survive much longer time periods than generally thought.

    Dandelions, acquired characteristics, and creationism - The Panda's Thumb

  • Here is a paper on the evolutionary implication of apomixis in dandelions and skeleton weed.

    Dandelions, acquired characteristics, and creationism - The Panda's Thumb


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