apoplectically love


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  • adv. In an apoplectic manner.


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apoplectic +‎ -ally


  • Daughtry, to behold his captain, frayed and bleeding and breathing apoplectically, Michael raging in ghastly silence at the end of a mop, and a large Persian mother-cat writhing with a broken back.


  • To start, he's left an army of his own employees--state workers--apoplectically angry.

    Walker won this battle, but is he winning the war?

  • So next morning, Saturday July 13, 1878, before the leading statesmen of Europe had even penned their signatures to the treaty, Otto Bismarck was goggling apoplectically at a telegram from London informing him that the whole sixty-four articles, preamble, etc., were in that day's Times - with an English translation.


  • Instead of defending himself giving interviews to CNBC, Thain should be apoplectically apologizing.

    Matt Littman: John Thain's $35,000 Toilet

  • And I'm just wondering - I also read on a pro-life blog not long ago -- that Steny Hoyer was apoplectically reaming the pro-life Democrats after a vote sometime ago.

    Bruce Wilson: Blue Dog Leader Works With Theocratic "Mafia" Opposed to Health Care Reform

  • Together we tried to reason our way through your tortured casuistry to uncover exactly what it is that has you so clearly and apoplectically vexed about Reverend Wright.

    Obama Discusses Wright Controversy In New Web Video

  • Mr. Let's-Be-a-New-Friendly-Church, under the pressure of fear for himself, accuses her of disobeying her vows, which includes, he says, almost apoplectically, the Vow of Obedience.

    My Religious Life, Condensed

  • Courage is making a movie called Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay in which George W. Bush is a sympathetic character, especially considering that most of the audience would probably disagree apoplectically with the sentiment.

    Alex Remington: Harold & Kumar 2: Best War on Terror Movie Ever (Though That's Not Saying Much)

  • Here Bazzard awoke himself by his own snoring; and, as is usual in such cases, sat apoplectically staring at vacancy, as defying vacancy to accuse him of having been asleep.

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood

  • But it feels much cheaper than that--shaking apoplectically at the merest hint of a bump in the road.

    Saturn Rising?


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