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  • n. Plural form of appendage.


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  • The intermixture of weak and strong arguments, and the frequent interruption of the stream of his logic by doubtful, trifling, and impolitic interruptions; arguments resting in premisses denied by the antagonists, and yet taken for granted; in short, appendages that cumber, accessions that subtract, and confirmations that weaken: --

    The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Let’s face it: the delivery mechanism of today’s Firefox extensions is broken (restarting an app to install an extension is so Windows! yuck!), and needs to be replaced by built-in appendages that offer better and more robust integration with external web services (a design that I had intended for Flock) that also provides a web-native approach to extensibility.

    Fluid, Prism, Mozpad and site-specific browsers | FactoryCity

  • They are therefore usually called appendages rather than limbs.


  • The day the images of hooded men standing on precarious boxes with electrodes strapped to their appendages was the day the United States lost any likelihood of winning the Bush War.

    Who Lost Iraq?

  • The film's attempt to re-create an acid trip is showcased in this creature's dance: whenever she moves, a rainbow of colors and shapes appear, as if her appendages are the artist's brushes.

    Bright Lights After Dark

  • Snow crystals look the best when they are fresh, because after a while their arms start to break off or melt and then refreeze, creating peculiar looking "appendages".

    Return of snow crystal photography

  • There are some sorts of rude produce which nature has rendered a kind of appendages to other sorts; so that the quantity of the one which any country can afford, is necessarily limited by that of the other.

    XI. Book I. Of the Rent of Land

  • I also think she wanted to avoid the unfavorable interpretation of her drawings as 'appendages' to sculptures.

    The Full Feed from

  • To the contrary, our college and university campuses have increasingly become very placid and listless "appendages" in terms of the politics and contention they facilitate or allow.

    Concurring Opinions

  • Hawk, if you pray to the FSM it has this thing about supporting noodly appendages.

    Think Progress » Forgetting His Attacks On The Netroots, O’Reilly Says Media Are Using ‘Nuts’ To ‘Brand’ Tea Party As ‘Racists


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