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  • v. To whet the appetite.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Back-formation from appetising.


  • Don't know about its effect on sex or hormone, but your creamy pie certainly enhances my appetise: D

    SHF #16 - Banana Cream Pie

  • Here in this broad window, foregathered in a congress of colours designed to appetise, are the ripe fruits of every clime and every season: the Southern pomegranate beside the hardy Northern apple, scarlet and yellow; the early strawberry and the late ruddy peach; figs from the Orient and pines from the Antilles; dates from Tunis and tawny persimmons from Japan; misty sea-green grapes and those from the hothouse -- tasteless, it is true, but so lordly in their girth, and royal purple; portly golden oranges and fat plums; pears of mellow blondness and pink-skinned apricots.

    The Spenders A Tale of the Third Generation


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