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  • n. The quality or state of being known a priori

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  • n. The quality of being innate in the mind, or prior to experience; a priori reasoning.

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  • n. In philosophy, the character of being underived from experience, or of being a priori.


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a priori +‎ -ity


  • But as the philosopher Morton White has pointed out, Dewey nevertheless played a little fast and loose with apriority: In his Logic [: The Theory of Inquiry, 1938] Dewey makes a distinction between what he calls "existential" and "ideational" propositions which resembles that between synthetic and analytic statements.

    A good idea at the time

  • Mrs Obama and Mrs. Biden both said military families are apriority to them, maybe we should send letters to their offices telling them how that would affect our families.

    A Policy Under Review - SpouseBUZZ

  • However, Disneyinsists that big event films like 20,000 Leagues,John Carter of Mars and Tron are still apriority to new chief Rich Ross.

    McG Leaves Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Project

  • By virtue of the fact that analytic judgments are necessarily true, and given Kant's thesis that necessity entails apriority, it follows that all analytic judgments are a priori and that there is no such thing as an analytic a posteriori judgment.

    Kant's Theory of Judgment

  • They urged the district government, the union council administration and the education department to look into the gravity of the matter and allocate funds for provision of clean drinking water to the schools on apriority basis.

    Scoolchildren Being Supplied Contaminated Water

  • One particularly radical one is the denial of the apodicity of all apriority, the denial of the claim that knowledge justified through reason alone represents truths that are unconditionally necessary.

    Vienna Circle

  • It is unclear how apriority is explainable in this framework.

    Logical Truth

  • Their apriority is explained by the fact that they are required by the cognitive structure of the transcendental subject, and specifically by the forms of judgment and the pure categories of the understanding.

    Logical Truth

  • Against the "rational capacity", "conventionalist", Kantian and early Wittgensteinian views, other philosophers, especially radical empiricists and naturalists (not to speak of epistemological skeptics), have rejected the claim that a priori knowledge exists (hence by implication also the claim that analytic propositions exist), and they have proposed instead that there is only an illusion of apriority.

    Logical Truth

  • A further possibility for carving out the distinctive notion of necessity grounding logical consequence is the notion of apriority.

    Logical Consequence


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