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  • n. A board pulled over the water by a motorboat and ridden by a person standing up.
  • intransitive v. To ride on such a board.

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  • n. A board ridden by a standing person and pulled by a motorboat for entertainment
  • v. to ride such a board
  • v. For a car or similar vehicle to slide along the road on a thin film of water between the road and the tyres. This occurs when a car has some speed and comes to somewhere with more water on the road than the weight of the car and the grooves in the tyre tread pattern (if any) can push away. The result is almost no traction at all for steering or braking.

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  • n. a board that is pulled by a speedboat as a person stands on it and skims over the top of the water
  • v. ride on an aquaplane
  • v. rise up onto a thin film of water between the tires and road so that there is no more contact with the road


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

aqua- + plane1.


  • If you drive down the road and the tread is worn, when you hit a puddle of water, the car can aquaplane.

    Club grooves limitation sought

  • Grass is mostly water, so the ball can aquaplane off the face of the club if there's grass between the face of the club and the ball.

    Club grooves limitation sought

  • Selecting a stretch of water whose banks are not lined with trees, the thrill-seekers hitch an aquaplane to a speeding automobile with a long tow rope.

    2008 July

  • DOWN in Florida, where good roads often parallel the water for miles at a stretch, aquaplane enthusiasts have invented a new sports thrill.

    2008 July

  • I would hate for anyone to aquaplane out of the 27th floor in their wheelchair.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • Thanks, however, to DeCandido's ability to brew up credible and intriguing politics on both the large and small scale, and his proven talent for fast-paced narrative and incisive characterization, Enemy Territory manages to aquaplane over the absurdities of its premise and deliver a package of absorbing, high-octane, bloodthirsty fun.

    May 31st, 2005

  • At about 2. 50pm on Wednesday, a light truck lost control on the slippery Hume Freeway between Arkells Lane and the Wandong exit, setting off a chain reaction when the car behind it slammed on the brakes, which in turn caused the car behind that to aquaplane straight into the car in front.

    Star News Group

  • There are two schools of thought on this: one is that Formula One drivers are supposed to be the best in the world and should be able to handle any conditions, and the other is that with so much standing water cars simply aquaplane off the circuit with nothing the driver can do, leaving the marshals at risk from out of control cars as they recover those already off the circuit. Latest News

  • If the tyres are worn and the tread depth is below 2mm they lose their ability to pump water away from the road surface and will aquaplane, resulting in a complete loss of steering.


  • When the road is wet, a thin film of water causes a car to lose some contact with the road, which can cause it to aquaplane and skid out of control.



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