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  • n. a craftsman who has knowledge of a manufacturing secret.


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  • From arcane, meaning secret or mysterious, an arcanist is someone who has knowledge of a secret manufacturing process, especially in ceramics.

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  • Sorry about the arcanist thing, but I have a dictionary covered in post-it notes for words that catch my fancy and I had to find a home for them somewhere!

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  • "Earl Brooks used his skill as an arcanist to hide his penchant for killing."

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  • Hmmmm. Maybe I'll murder an arcanist in my next book ...

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  • The dynamics between an arcanist to whom power is a birthright, and one who paid dearly (and stands to pay more dearly still) for it, could be quite interesting to explore.

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  • Conversely, a Sorcerer trying to learn to control his power could study with a more knowledgeable arcanist, like a Warlock (INT secondary, while INT is virtually a dump stat for sorcerers), and the relationship could progress from there.

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  • Or maybe it's just a very difficult old language that you as a studious arcanist mastered.


  • In the hands of an arcanist, these runes glow with ye ...


  • Nope, Illidan was an arcanist of some sort, probably a focused mage or battlemage.

  • This week’s word that caught my fancy is arcanist.

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