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  • adj. superlative form of arch: most arch.


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  • Expectations were upended easily when her archest of enemies actually worked with the woman most people agree is funny, warm, diligent and immensely likable in person.

    Big Girls Don’t Cry

  • His gift was intuitive, not intellectual, so he offered no match for the doctrinal firepower of Antonin Scalia, the court's archest conservative.

    Why The Court Needs A Liberal

  • Then again, when it came to something Amis actually cared about, he could be as punctilious as the archest of oenologists.

    The Hangover Artist

  • Laura looked at Warrington with the archest sparkle in her eyes — Warrington fairly burst out into a boohoo of laughter: even the widow was obliged to laugh: and the Major erubescent confounded the impudence of the young folks, and said when he had his hair cut he would keep a lock of it for Miss Laura.

    The History of Pendennis

  • Ephie, who had rapidly recovered her assurance, invariably began in her archest manner, and it became his special pleasure to reduce her, little by little, to a crimson silence.

    Maurice Guest

  • In his archest English, as Curtis recalled, Miller sniffed that he knew that Curtis was doing extremely good work at Berkeley—considering the limited amount of equipment he has.

    Ancestral Passions

  • I was cast in the role of Branwell Bront6 in that archest of plays, Wild Decembers, by Clemence Dane, a lady who entered rooms like a yacht in full sail, her mouth forever puckered as though savoring some inspirational ambrosia.

    An Autobiography

  • 'Pinnacled dim in the intense inane' -- no contact can be wholesomer than the contact with Burns at his archest and soundest.

    Harvard Classics Volume 28 Essays English and American

  • He turns to look at her, being just a shade surprised at receiving such a confidence so early in their acquaintance, and then he sees the archest smile curving the corners of her mouth, and meets a glance from a pair of brown eyes that he now perceives to be beautiful.

    Tales from Many Sources Vol. V

  • She had a way of lifting her eyebrows to express her archest scorn.



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