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  • v. Present participle of architect.


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  • For me it works better to separate the high level architecting from the actual crafting of scenes.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Pantsers versus Architects

  • He was the technical leader at McCormack & Dodge in architecting their accounting system and at a later point in designing and building Millenium which was a significant advance in constructing online applications systems.

    Oral history interview with John Landry

  • So I think the marketing piece has helped drive it but fundamentally I think we also, I didn't mention it, we also as we go into our spring and summer assortments in Fashion Bug we will be bringing that ticket, and this is not all like for like, this is kind of architecting the assortment, but we'll be bringing that ticket down another average six or seven points of ticket reduction will be happening in Fashion Bug because, they're right in the heart, ground zero in the value space. Home Page

  • At the height of cynicism, we have a company whose primary business is architecting new schemes to kill people with their death products, aligning their brand with “openness”.

    Open-washing and the CamelOpenCircle …Jerk | FactoryCity

  • If you're already at User Acceptance Testing and you find a major customer hiccup, the cost of re-architecting the solution is prohibitive - so bad designs often go live just because they are too costly to change when testing reveals problems at the user-end of the journey.

    Brett King: How to create a sexy bank

  • If people are not architecting their systems and their infrastructure to really be able to take advantage of advertising to the individual, integrating with people like Facebook, integrating with, there's a million companies out there that have received $20 million, $50 million in funding, trying to allow advertisers to advertise to the individual.

    Get Briefed: Josh James

  • Because the dramatic increase in WAN bandwidth is driving many organizations to revisit how they're architecting their WANs.

    The new WAN architecture: a blueprint

  • We started re-architecting our site three-years ago with the expectation that RIAs would be common-place by now and browsers and other new technologies would be optimised to support that kind of environment.

    Cranking up the Gears « Squash

  • Worse, even if architecting the Internet to make it easy to monitor and trace has most positive effects in free and democratic countries, there is a severe spill-over effect to less-free and less-democratic nations. Internet Governance in Hard Times

  • Its not the writing but the architecting that strains.



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