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  • n. Any of several single-valued or multivalued functions that are inverses of the sine function. Symbol: arcsin, sin-1

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  • n. the inverse function of the sine; the angle that has a sine equal to a given number


arc- +‎ sine (Wiktionary)


  • Drops of blood splash differently depending on the angle at which they strike a hard surface, and arcsine equations can be used to reconstruct the path that the blood took through the air.

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  • The heat map is arranged according to sample and lipid clustering analysis and mol% values were arcsine-transformed.

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  • For multivariate PCA, all lipids (mol%) were transformed using the square root of the arcsine to approximate normality Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of lipid markers recovered from the four sample types.

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  • In order to approximate normality, mol% concentrations were transformed using the square root of the arcsine Heat map and dendrograms of lipid distribution.

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  • As both orgNSAF and wcNSAF values essentially represent percentages, all data were arcsine transformed

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  • Ratios and percentages were arcsine transformed prior to statistical analysis.

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  • Proportion of germinated seeds was arcsine transformed to achieve normality, but we were not able to transform timing of anther-stigma contact successfully; however, as the distribution was not skewed, this should pose no serious problem

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  • These are known as the hyperbolic arcsine, hyperbolic arccosine, hyperbolic arctangent, hyper - bolic arccosecant, hyperbolic arcsecant, and hyperbolic arccotangent.

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  • The range of the arcsine function is limited to values of y between, and including, -90 and 90 (-/2 rad and/2 rad).

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  • If we are operating on some variable x, the arcsine of x is denoted sinÀ1 (x) or arcsin (x) 48 CHAPTER 3 Graphs and Inverses Fig. 3-10.

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