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  • adjective Referring to devices, typically weapons, intended to prevent an adversary from occupying or traversing a certain area of land.


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area + denial


  • That, plus the larger arsenal of high-tech area-denial weapons coming on-line, could indeed change the way the U.S. and other nations operate in the Pacific region.

    David Millar: China's Aircraft Carrier: Why It Matters

  • Associated Press Newt Gingrich left and Mitt Romney In East Asia, for example, China is modernizing and expanding its air and naval capabilities, developing area-denial and anti-access weapons, and making increasingly assertive territorial claims, potentially restricting access to international waters.

    Romney: The Conservative Who Can Beat Obama

  • Second, the naval dimensions of American power will re-emerge as the primary means for assuring our allies and partners, ensuring prosperity in times of peace, and countering anti-access, area-denial efforts in times of crisis.

    The Necessity of U.S. Naval Power

  • The Chinese buildup also involves developing so-called anti-access/area-denial capabilities to threaten major U.S. bases such as Kadena Air Base on Okinawa and Andersen Air Force Base on Guam.

    China's 'Finlandization' Strategy in the Pacific

  • The PLA's area-denial capabilities focus on restricting the U.S.

    China's 'Finlandization' Strategy in the Pacific

  • The "Voldemort Effect" is seen in the Defense Department's recently published Quadrennial Defense Review, which cites the growing threat posed by anti-access and area-denial capabilities.

    China's 'Finlandization' Strategy in the Pacific

  • The Pentagon notes the J-10's utility in "anti-access/area-denial," or keeping the enemy out of a particular patch of land, sea or air.

    Chinese Show and Tell

  • Unlike most DIY, consumer and commercial laser tag systems, MilesTag uses a digitally encoded signal that allows differentiation between up to 32 players and 7 teams, and supports a wide range of weapon types, including mines, area-denial and even non-conventional weapons.

    Boing Boing: March 6, 2005 - March 12, 2005 Archives

  • So we say, area-denial, anti-access asymmetrical strategies, and their eyes glaze over.

    Thomas Barnett draws a new map for peace

  • The theory of anti-access, area-denial asymmetrical strategies -- gobbledygook that we sell to Congress, because if we just told them we can kick anybody's asses they wouldn't buy us all the stuff we want.

    Thomas Barnett draws a new map for peace


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