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  • noun The typical and principal genus of the family Arenicolidæ (which see); the lobworms or lugworms, which live in the sand of sea-coasts.


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  • Many reptiles are also present including the snakes Telescopus obtusus, Psammophis sibilians, and Roman's saw-scale viper (Echis arenicola).

    West Saharan montane xeric woodlands

  • White salsola (Salsola arbuscula) and sagebrushe communities with a number of endemic species (Artemisia kemrudica, A. diffusa, A. dimoana, A. arenicola, Mausolea eriocarpa) are widespread on thin sandy soils and loamy sands.

    Central Asian southern desert

  • Distinctive and restricted range species include Sechura fox (Pseudalopex sechurae), Roedinger's lance head (Bothrops roedingeri), Pizarrita slenderbilled finch Xenospingus concolor, Raimond's Yellow-Finch (Sicalis raimondii), Eugenia ferreyrae, Nolana weissiana, Quinchamalium lomae, Monnina arenicola.

    Sechura desert

  • Hatena arenicola gen. et sp. nov., a Katablepharid Undergoing Probable Plastid Acquisition Protist, 157 (4), 401-419 DOI:

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