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  • noun A membrane which enters into the formation of the eyeball of some animals, as Cephalopoda: so called from its silvery color.


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  • As Mike shows me where to work, I comment on aSalvia argentea, a huge, hairy-leafed, silver plant now at its rosette stage.

    Garden Goddess for Hire

  • In more exposed areas strand forest is dominated by coconut (Cocos nucifera), Calophyllum inophyllum, Argusia argentea, Cordia subcordata and an endemic pandanus subspecies (Pandanus tectorius cocosensis), with Scaevola taccada, Suriana maritime, and Hibiscus tiliaceus present as shrubs.

    Christmas and Cocos Islands tropical forests

  • Thus, it is possible to find oriental beech (Fagus orientalis) forests with Euxinic lime (Tilia argentea), service tree (Sorbus graeca), maple (Acer spp.), Rhododendron ponticum, and Ilex colchica.

    Southern Anatolian montane conifer and deciduous forests

  • The subalpine vegetation is dominated by black mountain pine Pinus uncinata, Vicia argentea (R) and the endemic Borderea pyrenaica.

    Pyrenees-Mont Perdu, France and Spain

  • Most forest species are common throughout the coastal Indo-Pacific and include Pisonia grandis, Calophyllum inophyllum, heliotrope (Tournefortia argentea), Pandanus tectorius, Cordia subcordata, Guettarda speciosa, and the shrubs Morinda citrifolia, Scaevola taccada, Suriana maritime, and Pemphis acidula.

    Central Polynesian tropical moist forests

  • The driest and lowest islands have an extremely simple flora, usually dominated by grass (Lepturus repens) and Tribulus cistoides or Portulaca lutea, sometimes with areas of T. argentea, P. acidula, and S. taccada scrub.

    Central Polynesian tropical moist forests

  • Other monodominant communities of Tournefortia argentea, Suriana maritma, and Pemphis acidula also occur in the Marshalls.

    Eastern Micronesia tropical moist forests

  • Moist forest is dominated by single or mixed species stands of Pisonia grandis up to 25 meters (m) high, Cordia subcordata, or Heliotrope (Tournefortia argentea) with areas of Scaevola taccada and Morinda citrifolia scrub, usually near forest edges.

    Western Polynesian tropical moist forests

  • Of low to medium stature with a closed canopy, this forest type contains only a small number of tree species, such as Tournefortia argentea, Guettarda speciosa, Pisonia grandis, Pandanus tectorius, Allophylus timoriensis, Cordia subcordata, Hernandia nymphaeifolia, and Thespesia populnea.

    Eastern Micronesia tropical moist forests

  • Suriana maritime or Pemphis acidula are found on sandy areas above the beach, next to a zone of Scaevola spp. and Guettarda speciosa surrounding taller Tournefortia argentea forest.

    Tuamotu tropical moist forests


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