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  • noun biochemistry, genetics Any of a group of proteins responsible for the gene silencing phenomenon known as RNA interference


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  • Subsequently, it has been shown that RISC contains at least one member of the argonaute protein family, which is likely to act as an endonuclease and cut the mRNA (nowadays often referred to as the Slicer function).

    Advanced Information: The 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

  • Small RNAs complementary to sequences beyond the 3′ terminus of PR mRNA modulated expression of PR, recruited argonaute 2 to a 3′ noncoding transcript, altered occupancy of RNA polymerase II, induced chromatin changes at the PR promoter and affected responses to physiological stimuli.

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  • Schreiber S, Guo Y, Volkmann T, Welte MA, et al. (2006) Overlapping functions of argonaute proteins in patterning and morphogenesis of Drosophila embryos.

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  • We further demonstrate that inactivation of the argonaute gene, rde-1, a critical regulator of RNA interference, completely restores lifespan to normal levels in the context of Our results suggest that RNA editors may be an important regulator of aging in humans and that, when evaluated in

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