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  • adjective Being or presenting an argument or line of reasoning.


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From argument +‎ -ive.


  • A doctor's discretion can be very discretionable and argumentive when making a decision for a patient.

    'None of this is easy,' Obama aide says of health care reform

  • At times he became argumentive and he would debate to win rather than for debates sake alone.

    Did Jack London Commit Suicide?

  • After many years of fielding comments from feminists, I have a view of them as being rude, crude, envious, competitive, unfeminine, dyslogical argumentive, and rebellious.

    Tribute to Helen

  • It took me a long time to figure that out, because when I was really young I thought my friends and relatives were my friends and relatives and therefore would never say anything rude or argumentive.

    Homemaking Without Worry

  • I think for decades there were republicans saying these things for argumentive reasons and now a whole generation of people like the good Rep from Ohio have grown up actually believeing them cminus Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Steve Austria (R-OH) Doesn’t Know When the Depression Happened

  • Also, I have rejected your last 4 argumentive comments.

    Is It Too Late?

  • I only posted this one because it was not as argumentive as the other ones.

    Is It Too Late?

  • After some time of babying them, I realize that people who have an argumentive and hard heart will only milk you dry of your generosity and time and will only get worse.

    Is It Too Late?

  • I have read your other comments and it seems as though you are being argumentive for the sake of being argumentive.

    Think Progress » “Get it out.”

  • It means you don't shout at your parents, stage blowups at home, taunt or sneer at your siblings, be critical, argumentive, or hold resentments for years and years.

    Archive 2005-11-01


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