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  • noun An alert, observant person


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Special use of Argus.


  • First Nations said ... argus is a nice top viewer but i prefer a roliflex for natural light. stupid squirrel.

    Squirrel Photographers

  • I prefer to be good because it is good to be good, rather than because I can't be bad because some argus-eyed old frump won't let me have a chance to be bad.

    Chapter 13

  • So on this sunny August day, he devised a knowledge-seeking mission we could embark on together: we set out to see if we could find a tiny dun-coloured creature called the brown argus, a butterfly that had been known to fly along this section of the coast but had not been recorded here for some years.

    Patrick Barkham: Hunting butterflies, finding Dad

  • And then the brown argus, the butterfly that started it all for me, popped up out of nowhere as the rain fell all around us.

    How I became a lepidopterist

  • Obviously, I jumped at the chance to hunt for the rare brown argus that lunchtime on our holidays.

    Patrick Barkham: Hunting butterflies, finding Dad

  • As usual, there is copious amounts of hypocrisy on both sides of this issue. argus Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Rich Lawyers Boosting Traffic Jams and Calling It Charity

  • When I was eight, I encountered a beautiful little brown argus and fell in love with butterflies.

    How I became a lepidopterist

  • • Wood white: up 600% since 2009, following major decline• Marsh fritillary: up 134%, after major decline• Common blue: up 146%• Brown argus: up 85%• Silver-spotted skipper: up 78%• Lulworth skipper: down 40%, worst ever year since records began• Meadow brown: down 20%, worst ever year• Essex skipper: down 33%, second worst year in scheme• Small skipper: down 17%• Wall brown: down 20%It was an ordinary school playing field until the diggers moved in.

    Butterfly revival could be threatened by cuts, warns charity

  • There was something magical about that day out, hunting for the brown argus.

    Patrick Barkham: Hunting butterflies, finding Dad

  • The Scotch argus butterflies were flitting over the bog myrtle, ling and devil's-bit scabious.

    Country diary: Loch Ruthven


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