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  • v. Past participle of arise


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  • Recently, controversy has arisen from the song, renaming the words, “Barack, The Magic Negro”, which has been played on the Rush Limbaugh talk radio show and was distributed at Christmas of 2008, by Chip Saltsman, Republican National Committee chairman candidate.

    Remembering Mary Travers | myFiveBest

  • And now after all this I must still talk of myself, and say that since the latter end of October I have constantly been unwell, and the suffering have arisen from a flatulent and dissorder'd Stomach, with all it accompaniments, such as loss of appitite; broken rest, Dreams, as anty-Wye-ish as even your fancy can picture; indeed I hope you will never have a true conception of them. —

    Letter 256

  • Bella, I really want to see that list of those who have arisen from the dead AFTER THREE DAYS IN THE TOMB.

    Friendly religious questions for Christians and other monotheists

  • Our focus is on reaching a solution with Block that addresses the safety and soundness concerns that have arisen from the IRS decision on the debt indicator, the HSBC spokesman said.


  • Using an account of the courageous coffee bar sit-in in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960, he argued that such activism was based on the strength of intimate friendships and shared experience, and directed by hierarchical power, could never have arisen from the "weak ties" and "horizontal" associations that characterise the campaigning of online "friends" and "followers".

    Twitter and Facebook cannot change the real world, says Malcolm Gladwell

  • There are more worrying things though that have arisen from the whole swine flu outbreak.

    Why have we lost control of Swine Flue when Britain is supposed to be "the best prepared country in the world"

  • Some sort of language point that has arisen is called for – introducing them to the notion of collocations is often a good one – using examples from things they have said.

    F is for First Lessons « An A-Z of ELT

  • If Kopel were actually concerned (from a libertarian perspective) about the Federal policing power, I would think there would be a lot more relevant issues about the federal law enforcement that have recently arisen from the war on terror.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Waco

  • Whatever new species might have arisen from the primae speciei, the original species in the Garden of Eden, were still part of God's plan for creation, for they had always potentially been present.

    At What Level did this Evolve?

  • When I left London he was turned of eighteen; and much of my happiness since has arisen from a constant correspondence which I have held with him.

    Letter 20


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