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  • With the above code, we can list the longest of the well-mixed transposals. antiparticles paternalistic conservatoire overreactions aristotelian retaliations obscurantist subtractions definability identifiably arthroscopes crapshooters colonialists oscillations enumerations mountaineers importunates permutations counterspies persecutions capillarity piratically animadverts maidservant calendering greenlandic grandnieces reascending coordinates decorations peripatetic precipitate crenelation intolerance arthroscope crapshooter peristaltic triplicates excitations intoxicates

    Wolfram Blog : Word Play with Mathematica

  • Barnes - there are some things about myself that i would rather not reveal in public - my Ph.d in aristotelian rhetorical theory being one of them - which I believe are too geeky even for the Geek.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Quick, hop on over to the Geek.

  • And when I say "ancient methods" I'm not talking about our contemporary versions of aristotelian logic or anything.

    Inerrancy, Historicity, Maximalism and Minimalism

  • Likewise, "modernism" is not "NOT modernism" - and therefore "postmodernism" is necessarily and anti-thetically opposed to "modernism" (as if the mirror opposite); Derrida's de-construction must always and only (by this aristotelian binary) be deconstructive (i.e., never positive - as if a modern construct of any species must be necessarily positive).

    The View From Everywhere: Impartiality, Objectivity and Other Ideals

  • He solves the question in a for his period completely unforseen way: proto-aristotelian existentialism.


  • Only after some hours of internet research into general semantics and aristotelian logic did I get an idea of what the book is about.

    REVIEW: The World of Null-A by A.E. van Vogt

  • To the person who searched for "jason from medea misses the aristotelian mean": Jason misses the entire BOAT.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • For instance, the geocentric view of the universe, the concepts of “ether”, “caloric”, and “primordial ooze”, and aristotelian physics have been shown to be false according to the data that scientists have collected over the past 500 years or so.

    Irony of the day: John Mark Reynolds - The Panda's Thumb

  • But I get Eric Zimmerman's rhetoric point he of the oh so aristotelian persuasion.

    Coding Dispositions at GDC

  • Ptolemaic astronomy, euclidean space, aristotelian logic, scholastic metaphysics, were expedient for centuries, but human experience has boiled over those limits, and we now call these things only relatively true, or true within those borders of experience.



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