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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of armour.


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  • A mirror image of my army; only their armours are a pristine white while mine is clad in a dull, faded black.


  • He said the costumes used in the organisation are actually self-made or bought from professionals makers in other countries who are knowledgeable in making these "armours" and are finally assembled by the user.

    Brudirect News1

  • A Cohorte is a bande of men; Of what nomer and of what kind of armours and weapons, a maine battaile ought to bee, and the distributing and appoinetyng of thesame; veliti are light armed men; Thecapitaines that ar appointed to every band of men; Twoo orders observed in an armie; How

    Machiavelli, Volume I

  • I am really excited that there are 2 new armours in the film.

    New International Behind the Scenes Look at Iron Man 2 | /Film

  • Clad in brown furs and leather armours, they lead their tribe into battle.


  • Well actually, none in Westeros would be able to match him even if you remove balefire as an option, which isn't fire in any sense at all by the way (Balefire is a ray of light which removes things from existence before they were eliminated). al'Thor is something of a demigod and would simply tear dragons from the skies, set Others ablaze and roast knights in their armours.

    Jaime's Challenge

  • The men were both wearing dark green body armours with the image of an eagle on their back.

    Blonde, Black and Blood Red

  • Knights in armours and hot princesses and the gods of thunder and lightning.

    Take him home and make him like it.

  • The crowd was stopped by a chain of Special Squad … Even though women had no arms, the policemen were wearing helmets and body armours … As a result, the crowd jamme up the traffic … The atmosphere was tense.

    Uzbekistan: Blogging Fosters Freedom of Speech

  • And from the said stones she drew forth two very fair armours, helm and hauberk, and leg and arm wards; and they were all of green, and shone but little, but were fashioned as no smith of man-folk could have done the like.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles


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