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  • noun An old form of errand.
  • An old form of arrant.
  • noun Same as arran.


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  • The day whereon this tragedy was acted, this unnatural Mother Orders her Nurse to make her a Sea-Coal fire in her Chamber, and to blow it up well pretending she was cold; this being done, she sends the aforesaid Nurse upon some arrand out of doores; and

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674–1834:

  • But if these men had beene profiting scholars in the vniuersitie of the pagans, as they were arrand truants and ranke dullards in the schoole of christians, they might haue learned by profane examples, that as oths are not to be rashlie taken, so they are not to be vnaduisedlie broken.

    Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (5 of 12) Henrie the Second

  • "But 'twon't be the same arrand this time, as it happens: so you're wrong for once."

    Hocken and Hunken

  • Jack thanked him and went in and put up for the night with him, and in the morning Jack told the ould man the arrand he was on and axed if he'd diract him on his way to the Queen of the Golden Mines 'Castle.

    Tales of Wonder Every Child Should Know

  • Maguires was kings ov Fermanagh three thousand years afore your grandfather, that was the first ov your breed that ever wore shoes and stockings "(I'm bound to say, in justice to the poor Prodesan, that this was all spoken by his Riv'rence by way of a figure ov spache)," was sint his Majesty's arrand to cultivate the friendship of Prince Lee Boo in

    Stories of Comedy

  • "I don't look very handsome in the 'piscopal church, but I'll do a' arrand."

    The Entailed Hat Or, Patty Cannon's Times

  • You know my arrand yer, Dave: to save a pore, ignorant, deluded black woman from Joe Johnson's band.

    The Entailed Hat Or, Patty Cannon's Times

  • The Lord of marcy won't let an oar that the boy is handlin 'break, when the fire is racin' behind him, and he's comin 'back from an arrand of marcy.

    How Deacon Tubman and Parson Whitney Kept New Year's And Other Stories

  • He come forth on a arrand of that sort, and he seem to 'a been disappointed.

    Erema — My Father's Sin

  • 'Sure she may have a little arrand of her own, and ye might have a word for the old mother that never parted with you before.'

    A Modern Telemachus


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