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  • Me hearties, terday be both Talk Like a Pirate Day 'n' Rosh Hashanah, arrh, 'n' so Cap'n Fausto wishes all his mateys who be kinfolk ter ol 'Cap'n Jonah that King Neptune hisself'll grant 'em fair winds' n 'seas, arrh,' n'll carve their initials in th 'gun'l's o' his divine galleon, 'n'll seal 'em up with pitch' n 'tar enough ter last another whole turn o' th 'seasons, by Blackbeard's bloody boots, arrh.

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  • Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France.. un chouia (or chouïa) (shooy-arrh) noun, masculine

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  • Ahm tri ing tu be fankfull fur all mai blessing nad grateful tu all de service peeps hoo arrh proteckting arrh countree currenlee instead ob jus feelin sad.

    Don looks Mr. Fuzzybottoms!!! - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Didn't they realize it only makes them look fake and seems like an a. s? it is with great honour to ear you sayin .. eer. .ugm … arrh ….

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  • 'N' terday 'e also spied th' moon wi'out needin '' is spyglass, arrh, 'n' 'e minds that makes th' morrow th'end o 'Ramadan,' n '' e also minds that all mateys be equals under th 'Pirate Code, arrh,' n 'so's not ter fergit his comrades in th' life what be plyin 'th' coast o 'High Barbary, 'tis ter them hale buckos he wishes, Eid mubarak, by Davy Jones' own whiskers, arrh. posted by fausto @ 9/19/2009 02: 38: 00 PM

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  • ~ un chouia (or chouïa) (shooy-arrh) noun, masculine

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  • un chouia (or chouïa) (shooy-arrh) noun, masculine

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