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  • adv. In an arrhythmic manner; without a fixed rhythm

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a style without rhythm. Also spelled arhythmically.


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arrhythmic +‎ -ally


  • But for all the irrepressible swing and relaxation that makes him one of the great jazz drummers, Bennink's been a key figure on the European improv and free jazz scenes since the mid-60s, marrying arrhythmically graceful grooving to a knockabout comic's repertoire of circus-drummer rolls, clacking, yelps, crash stops and acrobatics.

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  • Betraying her rock roots, Inul doesn't so much twist in time with the music as arrhythmically hurl herself around the stage like a dangdut Joan Jett.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Still, ESPN's cameras found a few Jets cynics wailing and arrhythmically shaking their heads, as if they'd been told that Radio City had run out of beer.

    Congratulations, You're a Detroit Lion

  • Your convictions that wearing tie-dyed clothing made by 6-year-olds in Bangladesh, eating a diet consisting only of tofu and garden weeds, and pounding arrhythmically on drums until the wee hours of the morning are the way to achieve such peace amuse me.

    An open letter to my hippie neighbors.

  • Fed raps arrhythmically beneath the safety of his ballcap, mumbling every tired rhyme he can conjure, short of K.

    Snap Judgment: K. Fed at the Teen Choice Awards |

  • He was wasted, but sweet, and ricocheted between his arrhythmically white buddies and his girlfriend, embracing them all in turn.

    luvabeans Diary Entry

  • The orchestra's moody accompaniments often had a geologic weight, as masses of sound shifted against each other almost arrhythmically.

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  • Don’t have much to say about the 1996 Oxford scene other than I definitely went to school with a bunch of 1996 Daniels, even if they didn’t talk quite as Beatniklike; I was half-ready for him to solve Desmond’s problem by arrhythmically wailing on some drums.

    LOST RECAP: Desmond Hume Has Come Unstuck In Time. | Best Week Ever

  • There’s the Apartment Want This list, because, oh, how I covet the home furnishings; the Go Here list, which holds my in- and outside NYC destination dreams; the Read This list, which I pretty much avoid, and the Listen to This list with all of the music I would like to download and shake my booty arrhythmically to were I not fascistly opposed to DRM.

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