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  • noun A slit, as in a castle wall, through which arrows can be fired.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

arrow +‎ slit


  • As he thus communed with himself, the butler, who had reconnoitred the soldiers from an arrowslit in the wall, announced to his lady, that a commanded party of dragoons, or, as he thought, Life – Guardsmen, waited at the gate with a prisoner under their charge.

    Old Mortality

  • All that presented itself to his quick eye was the endless maze of halls, hewn through living black basalt, lit at intervals by flickering witchlight or smoking flame, or here and there by a shaft of tinted sunbeam, from some deep-hewn arrowslit window sealed with panes of painted glass.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • As he turned from the arrowslit, his eyes brushed across Rhuarc.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • As he had suspected, there was an arrowslit in the wall of the Stone right at the end of the wall, a deep wedge cut into the rock holding a tall, narrow opening for an archer to shoot through.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • The arrowslit was larger, most of the thinner stone at the middle simply gone, leaving a rough hole as if someone had hammered at it with a sledge for hours.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • Peering through an arrowslit high on the side of the Stone, Mat shook his head as he listened to the chorus rising out of the city in waves.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • Behind the smoke, the shadowed shape of the arrowslit itself seemed different.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • Nynaeve turned from looking through another arrowslit.

    The Great Hunt

  • He hurried to the nearest arrowslit and peered out.

    The Great Hunt

  • The walls of the donjon itself presented no such problem, though, and he quickly found himself squeezing with difficulty through an overly broad arrowslit on the top level.

    Conan The Invincible


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