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  • adjective UK, vulgar, slang drunk


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arsehole +‎ -ed


  • They'll get arseholed on my beer an 'then shout out rude Mancy witticisms during me ballads.

    High Society

  • By the last race he was by all accounts so arseholed he had to get someone more sober to place his bet because the bookie offering the best odds was too scrupulous and pityihg to accept a hundred-pound stake from someone in Jeremy's condition. '

    Quite Ugly One Morning

  • But there was great camaraderie - we got arseholed on cheap red wine every night.

    The Guardian World News

  • Mine was spent arseholed under a deserted railway bridge drinking cheap booze with mixers on a grimly cold and wet evening.

    TV Scoop

  • Just like prospective employers looking for chicks flashing their knockers while arseholed on cheap booze.

    AdScam/The Horror!

  • You may be arseholed but you've kept your titfer straight.


  • If you're in there all day getting arseholed and running up debt, problem.

    Politics news, UK and world political comment and analysis |

  • Oh, we can give them hot spas and massage rooms and nookie huts and all that bollocks, but in the long run no one is going to do the nasty, insert the portion, prise open the clam, heat up the sausage or cleave the bearded monster with the one-eyed lovesnake unless they are completely arseholed! '

    Dead Famous

  • Derek Draper needs to be re-arseholed with a claw-hammer, Gordon Brown needs to be ritually whipped naked with a bull’s pizzle south of the Thames.

    Two sleazegate pics that amused me.

  • You are a fucking student, it's your job to get arseholed twice a week and wake up with traffic signs in your bed.

    Ask And Ye Shall Receive


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