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  • noun Plural form of artel.


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  • In every branch of common industry "artels" are found; that is, communistic organisations, where all labour for a common purse in accordance with rules and regulations determined by the members of the organisations.

    Up To Date Business Home Study Circle Library Series (Volume II.)

  • These "artels" have done much toward increasing the industry, the honesty, the truthfulness, the thrift, and also the sobriety of their members.

    Up To Date Business Home Study Circle Library Series (Volume II.)

  • The news reached Captain B artels in Dunkirk as he was holding his briefing for the sailing of the second wave of the invasion.

    Operation Sea Lion

  • America, in Swiss, German, Russian, and in certain French villages; or the work done in Russia by gangs (_artels) _ of masons, carpenters, boatmen, fishermen, etc., who undertake a task and divide the produce or the remuneration among themselves without it passing through an intermediary of middlemen; or else the amount of work I saw performed in

    The Conquest of Bread

  • Volumes and volumes have been written about these unions which, under the name of guilds, brotherhoods, friendships and druzhestva, minne, artels in Russia, esnaifs in Servia and Turkey, amkari in

    Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution

  • The chief works on the artels are named in the article

    Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution

  • Until now, many of the fishing-grounds on the tributaries of the Caspian Sea are held by immense artels, the

    Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution

  • Besides these permanent organizations, there are the simply countless temporary artels, constituted for each special purpose.

    Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution

  • In the building trades, artels of from 10 to 200 members are formed; and the serious builders and railway contractors always prefer to deal with an artel than with separately-hired workers.

    Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution

  • The last attempts of the Ministry of War to deal directly with productive artels, formed ad hoc in the domestic trades, and to give them orders for boots and all sorts of brass and iron goods, are described as most satisfactory; while the renting of a Crown iron work, (Votkinsk) to an artel of workers, which took place seven or eight years ago, has been a decided success.

    Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution


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