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  • n. A form of endoscope used in arthroscopy

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  • n. a type of endoscope that is inserted into a joint for visual examination


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arthro- + -scope


  • With the above code, we can list the longest of the well-mixed transposals. antiparticles paternalistic conservatoire overreactions aristotelian retaliations obscurantist subtractions definability identifiably arthroscopes crapshooters colonialists oscillations enumerations mountaineers importunates permutations counterspies persecutions capillarity piratically animadverts maidservant calendering greenlandic grandnieces reascending coordinates decorations peripatetic precipitate crenelation intolerance arthroscope crapshooter peristaltic triplicates excitations intoxicates

    Wolfram Blog : Word Play with Mathematica

  • Then came the use of arthroscope -- revolutionizing rotator cuff surgeries.

    Speedlinking 2/19/07

  • Buoyed by the results of the arthroscope, Pete continued to supervise his own rehabilitation.


  • The inside of his knee was viewed through an arthroscope. - The reconstruction of Mike Lieberthal

  • Alzheimer’s disease amniocentesis amniotic fluid amniotic sac amphetamine anabolic steroids analgesic anemia anesthesia anesthetic angina pectoris angioplasty anorexia anorexia nervosa anthrax antibiotic antibiotics, resistance to antibodies anticoagulants antidepressants antigens antihistamines antiseptics anus aorta appendectomy appendicitis appendix arteries arteriosclerosis arthritis arthroscope ascorbic acid asthma astigmatism atherosclerosis athlete’s foot atria atrophy

    22. Medicine and Health

  • Artemis arteries arteriosclerosis art for art’s sake arthritis arthropods arthroscope

    Entry Index: appendectomy to Berkshires

  • The latest surgery was done through an arthroscope, rather than the more invasive procedure he had in 1994 when the knee was cut open. - News

  • Bradshaw required an arthroscope on his right knee after copping an injury in Saturday's - Latest News Headlines

  • Doctors learned better techniques for guiding an arthroscope into the awkward of angles of the hip, past the tough ligaments and around the head of the femur.

    Summit Daily News - Top Stories

  • The 28-year old had an arthroscope to clean out his knee which he originally injured a while ago but is still hopeful he can push for selection for Pim Verbeek's 23-man Socceroos squad even though he will miss the remainder of the English


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