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as much as possible


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  • adv. As much as is possible.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. to a feasible extent


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  • Cuddly as was the creature conclave, before the sun reached its midpoint in the sky he wanted to see as much as possible of the region that lay within easy walking distance of the Teacher.

    Running from the Deity

  • Hurt your en­emy as much as possible and then fall back to heavily fortified bases deep in the jungle.

    The False Mirror

  • To safeguard against this as much as possible he decided that the actual scuttling party should consist of only forty-three men — himself, Ascher, the Senior Gunnery Officer, Watten-berg, the Navigator, Klepp, his engineer, a sub-lieutenant and thirty-eight petty officers and ratings.

    Graf Spee

  • However, Tess became humanely beneficent towards the small ones, and to help them as much as possible she used, as soon as she left school, to lend a hand at haymaking or harvesting on neighbouring farms; or, by preference, at milking or butter-making processes, which she had learnt when her father had owned cows; and being deft-fingered it was a kind of work in which she excelled.

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles

  • This, in fact, was not true, for the Ohlone had avoided the caves as much as possible due to the huge population of bats that lived there, bats that were inextricably locked into the destiny of the caves.

    Practical Demonkeeping

  • Your strategy is to contribute as much as possible and practical to one of these tax- and liability-protected retirement plans and then contribute any balance required to reach your million-dollar goal to a self-directed, tax-sheltered annuity where at least your earnings will compound without taxes.


  • The letter was a most wordy and moving appeal to the Sen~or Superintendente to have regard for his past faithfulness and the excellent condition of the flock, and to return them in the charge of this, his most dutiful son; and in the meantime to keep the lad as much as possible under his eye, as he was somewhat ill furnished for the riot of shearings.

    Spring o' the Year

  • The reality of the events which happened in childhood, lived over again in hypnose, are substantiated as much as possible by the patient's parents or associates.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • John D. Rockefellers philosophy was to succeed in business as much as possible and by any means necessary, so that during his life and especially at the end of it he would have more to give away to good causes.

    Creative Capitalism

  • She travels as much as possible and is looking forward to her next adventure with her husband Perry and her two grown children, Amy and Greg. Contact her via e-mail at

    CSS: Shaping the New You


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