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  • noun Plural form of ascription.


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  • Via John Sides, an article by Mansoor Moaddel, Mark Tessler, and Ronald Inglehart contains among other things this graph showing Iraqi self-ascriptions by ethnic and sectarian group:

    Matthew Yglesias » Iraqi Self-Identification

  • Thus the disputed De vous servir is almost certainly by Fresneau, as indicated in I-Fr 2794, in spite of ascriptions to Hayne in two manuscripts of Italian origin.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • His later work on functions (˜Function and Concept™) and belief ascriptions (˜Sense and Reference™) can be found in:

    Logical Form

  • Other areas where a situation semantics perspective has led to progress include attitude ascriptions, questions, tense, aspect, nominalizations, implicit arguments, point of view, counterfactual conditionals, and discourse relations.

    Situations in Natural Language Semantics

  • We saw in section 4.1 that there are a number of programs for paraphrasing the statements of mathematics, but there are no obvious strategies for paraphrasing ordinary belief ascriptions.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • Four of these are confirmed by other sources, two have conflicting ascriptions to Busnoys that seem more credible on the grounds of both sources and style, and three are anonymous elsewhere.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • But these ascriptions of agency to "I" and "he" were not ultimately accurate.

    Jay Michaelson: The Emptiness of Anger

  • At best, responsibility ascriptions might be made on the basis of the degree of difficulty involved in sorting through patriarchal or racist norms and recognizing that a particular behavior does, indeed, violate a person's humanity.

    Feminist Moral Psychology

  • The three-voice O Venus bant has ascriptions to ‘Gaspar’ and Josquin; the editors of the New Josquin Edition observe details that make it unlikely to be by Josquin and note similarities in La stangetta.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • In his response Strawson pointed out that it is possible to incorporate reference to the statement in the analysis he gave of truth ascriptions.

    Peter Frederick Strawson


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