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  • German-Polish Jews, as distinguished from the Sephardim or Spanish-Portuguese Jews.


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  • HOWEVER that being said - even though I am an American liberal who has been bombarded with pro-Israel propaganda for nearly 60 years (see Rob, I just revealed me age!) and who has had a number of close business associates and friends who are Jews (all of them ashkenazim) and has visited "the Holy Land" - I have grown increasingly offended byofficial Israeli government policies that can only be called "rascist."

    Zionism, Zionists; Defining meaning, Abuse, Overuse

  • Actually when I was at Brandeis the Christian coalition was selling easter baskets that had a kosher for passover option - sadly peanut butter is not k for p for ashkenazim, so we have to gobble up those reeses before passover starts.

    Spring is for bunnies! (nose wiggle) | Jewschool

  • The ethnic home of European Jews ashkenazim who converted to Judaism during the reign of the Ukranian Khazar empire, is not Palestine, but the Ukraine and other areas of Eastern Europe, including some parts of Germany and France.

    The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism | Jewschool

  • While we never clean our house specifically for Pesach, we do not eat hametz during the holiday, although our kids eat rice and I put peanut butter on my matza (both items are kitniyoth, which ashkenazim are not allowed to eat during Pesach).

    Dutchblog Israel

  • Although I haven't read it, it appears that the Talmud, the primary scripture of the Orthodox ashkenazim, is a veritable manual of Jewish fascism.

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • The only reason I say backtracking is because in his shiur last night Rav Ovadiah Yosef said that the sfardim have minhagim and the ashkenazim have minhagim and they go back hundreds of years and should not be revoked.

    Life in Israel

  • Quinoa is a berry rather than a grain, so many ashkenazim who do not eat kitniyot will eat quinoa on Pesach.

    Diner's Journal

  • Joachim Martillo's - eaazi. / (ethnic ashkenazim (???) against zionism) jewssansfrontieres.

    Latest Articles

  • Al Maktoum in any case, israel is responsible for his death there were preparations to get rid of the political leadership of the palestinian people we must give up arab neighborhoods in jerusalem and return to the core of the territory that is the state of israel prior to 1967, with minor corrections explained dr william h maisel, the senior author of the study and director of the medical device safety institute at beth israel medical centre 10 (xinhua) -- israeli prime minister ehud olmert on monday used a memorial ceremony for former premier yitzhak rabin to reiterate that israel must be elections and the environmental issues of israel ethnic ashkenazim against zionist israel - eaazi blogspot com eu says israel oks fuel for gaza power plant filming israel's trouble spots former palestinian leader yasser arafat, who died four years ago this week, was poisoned by israel - Business News


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