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  • Same as affronté, 2.


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  • The period until the end of 2010 is not good for Tiger's career as transit Saturn from Virgo will be aspecting the natal Venus, the lord of 10th house of career.

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  • After aspecting, our ritual will then move forward to the crowning of our winter king and queen.

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  • Saturn the ascendant lord will become direct in President Obama's chart in end of May 2010, and Mars the badhaka planet will leave cancer sign and stop aspecting his ascendant in end of May 2010 as well.

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  • The other news is that Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are also aspecting your Sun in Gemini (if you were born between June 14-19) and that brings blessings, Spiritual protection, insights, new friends, and opportunities to you.


  • It's one of the lines he has. ... wyrdling: pluto in libra / 2nd. aspecting saturn, neptune venus, and k ...

  • This New Moon coming up, will have the Sun and Moon in Pisces at 6 degrees involved with aspecting Pluto, actually that's been going on all week.


  • With Mercury in your birth sign aspecting Uranus, planet of surprises, something will happen today that jolts you out of your complacent mood, but in the nicest possible way.

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  • No matter how much you have planned ahead there will be disruptions today and with your ruler Mercury aspecting Mars you are likely to get annoyed with people who let you down at the last moment.

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  • I have Venus in Virgo in my 5th house aspecting my 7th in a few ways.

  • Lindsey: I have Venus in Virgo in my 5th house aspecting my 7th in a ...


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