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  • HectorN this is SAD SAD news, rest in peace Mr. Carradine harrycaul seems like he was into auto erotic asphixiation to me. hanging naked in the closet, with a rope that wasn't from the hotel room, no signs of depression, no suicide note...

    Actor David Carradine Found Dead | /Film

  • What election commentary was like in 1969: And yet always there is a strange seriousness, something in the system that warns us, warns us that America had better strike out on a different course, rather than face another 4 years of asphixiation by liberal premises....

    William F. Buckley, Jr. has died.

  • Having watched all of CSI season five, I couldn't face yet more blunt force trauma and auto-erotic asphixiation.

    "America! F**k yeah!"

  • I've never smoked, but used to have several friends who did, and while their habit didn't bother me when they were off elsewhere, long periods of time in the company of profusive smokers always made me nauseous and triggered a recurring nightmare of being trapped in a small room slowly dying of asphixiation.

    In abstinentia

  • Mr. Jones own body weight was a signifigant factor in his asphixiation and must resort to baseless allegations in order to buttress your position.

    CCA Conclusions On Nate Jones' Death

  • One said the purple smartie reminded her of asphixiation another talked of homosexuality.

    motivate-me1 Diary Entry

  • I'm just out of whack, I think there are too many things to do, but I'm not going about doing them, and so when they all pile up on me like this, I feel that they're going to crash down on top of me and I will be buried in a pile of "to do's" - that will eventually suffocate me, and I'll die from mental asphixiation.

    moschikat Diary Entry

  • Quebec autopsy says boxer Arturo Gatti died of asphixiation; no proof 3rd party involved Arturo Gatti died of asphyxiation by "neck constriction," autopsy says Mitch Abramson

    NYDN Rss

  • It's always easy to forget that AC/DC's gradual rise was nearly scuppered altogether back in 1980, when their original singer, Bon Scott, was found dead of alcohol asphixiation, in a Renault 5 in East Dulwich, aged just 33. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • To put things in perspective, each molecule of Carbon Monoxide (CO) complexes with a Hemoglobin molecule (red blood cell) just as Oxygen (O2) does; but CO, unlike O2, won't let go.www. www. So essentially, each molecule of CO destroys one red blood cell, lowering the effective Oxygen content of the blood, decreasing the respiratory ability, and increasing the danger of asphixiation to those suffering from pernicious anemia, asthma, or low red-blood-cell count. - Articles related to India, China triumph: No legally binding deal for now


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