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  • n. A buttock.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

ass +โ€Ž cheek


  • Clearly the dentist rub/rock/running that Cervelo with the asscheek saddle is afraid of climbing, unlike my personal heroes Marco Pantani and the Pallas cat.

    Cult Following: Harbingers of the Apocalypse

  • Xela โ€“ I could have done without the asscheek thing.

    EXTRALIFE โ€“ By Scott Johnson - EL fan gets a gaming tat

  • My tattoo is on my right asscheek, of a devil, it was for my


  • Nice try Ed. Behind your "born again" turn-the-other-asscheek facade lurks a seething pencil-dicked grandiose malcontent.

    Wonkette ยป top

  • We hear the initiation involves nudity, a paddling by Bob Corker and the application to the left asscheek of a brand reading "Your Ass Is Mine" above the great seal of the United States.


  • And keep in mind that was at a time when the Pats were not only a zit on the asscheek of the NFL and were playing in a tenement-slum of a stadium, but were constantly rumored to be on their way to St. Louis.

  • ... and you wouldn't recognize a real socialist if Lenin rose from his tomb and bit you on the extreme left part of your left asscheek.



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