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  • n. A party to which a transfer of property, rights, or interest is made.
  • n. One appointed to act for another; a deputy or agent.

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  • n. one to whom a thing is assigned
  • n. one to whom rights or property is being transferred
  • n. one who is appointed to act or speak in place of another; an agent

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A person to whom an assignment is made; a person appointed or deputed by another to do some act, perform some business, or enjoy some right, privilege, or property. See assignment (c). An assignee may be by special appointment or deed, or be created by jaw; as an executor.
  • n. In England, the persons appointed, under a commission of bankruptcy, to manage the estate of a bankrupt for the benefit of his creditors.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A person to whom a transfer of some right or interest is made, either for his own enjoyment or in trust.
  • n. An assigned servant; a convict formerly assigned to an Australian settler as an unpaid servant. See assigned and assignment, 7.

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  • n. (law) the party to whom something is assigned (e.g., someone to whom a right or property is legally transferred)


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Old French assigné


  • We treat social security numbers and bank routing numbers as though they were authentication secrets that only the assignee is privy to, then we print them on every form submitted to any organization for any purpose.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » What TSA is doing

  • The bill would extend some liability to certain parts of the secondary market, an issue known as assignee liability.

    Finance Panel's Chairman Seeks

  • But the Court of Appeals said the date of assignment is irrelevant in determining if the assignee is a bona fide purchaser.

    The Home Equity Theft Reporter Cases & Articles

  • National Tool: Over half of the recently issued patents that listed an assignee indicated that the assignee was a foreign (non-U. S.) corporation or agency.

    Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)

  • The 2009 measure also includes stronger language on so-called assignee liability.

    Housing Wire

  • He works primarily in the area of management consulting for distressed enterprises, bankruptcy accounting and related matters, such as assignee for the benefit of creditors and liquidating agent for a corporation.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • Launched in 2003 by former financier Steve Bachmann, the company has filed an assignment, an alternative to formal bankruptcy which involves appointing a third party (an 'assignee') to monetise assets for the benefit of creditors.

    Decanter News

  • The current "assignee" field, which is misleading when the next action required is anything other than "write a patch" or "check it in".

    Indistinguishable from Jesse

  • The funny thing is that the former owners handed that assignment in lieu of foreclosure to the lawyers for Credit Suisse Cayman Islands, signed by the former owners, but with the name of the "assignee" blank.

    Las Vegas Sun Stories: All Sun Headlines

  • "assignee" column if you wanna help in a YELLOW status feature.

    KDE TechBase - Recent changes [en]


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