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  • Theres not enough liquor in this town if we had a game like that … especially with the drinking tax … I cant afford that! said … if there are players on the succos who need the kind of asskicking that dougie could give,

    The Burgh Blog

  • It was v. enjoyable -- my thoughts are a bit scattered, but I thought Ellie was a great protagonist, she was brave and asskicking in a refreshingly believable way, and I really liked the handling of her relationship with Mark.

    Release Day Cont'd

  • YOU guys WANT BIG Government — just so long as it is police forces and military forces to protect you from the asskicking you dearly deserve.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • When he was a teen, his daddy had bought him a Honda 750, and that was an asskicking bike—no one had ever beaten him.

    Osama Retires

  • The BNA will be the Australian alternate history/technothriller asskicking rockstar John Birmingham, who's doing a Q&A.

    NY Comic Con and a Free Book!

  • Next thing you know, those crack Republican Guards, Saddam's asskicking fools, were dumped south of Baghdad with popguns to stop the invaders.

    The Invasion Of Iraq

  •      Whatever innocence Michelle had brought to the game waslonggone, even the part where she dreamed she was the star of a righteous,   asskicking movie.

    A Night In a String Of Long Nights

  • She now has a couple statues in her honor, is included in all Indian history textbooks, met Flashman a couple times, and is so synonymous with being an asskicking chick that when the Indian National Army put together an all-female infantry unit during World War II they had the good sense to name it after her.

    Reward Excellence, Shun Hypocrisy

  • Next they will re-do Mother Teresa as the asskicking action heroine with Gandhi as her onliner shooting sidekick.

    Leonardo Da Vinci is Warner Bros' New Action-Adventure Star «

  • But it does its job and for the most part they are fun action stories with some great splodey asskicking scenes in it.

    New Resident Evil Afterlife Poster Online | The Movie Blog


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