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  • noun pejorative Someone who kisses ass


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ass +‎ kisser


  • He's been a TV pundit and general media asskisser for as long as I've been aware of him, and the rest of it hasn't much interested him.


  • Iraq is a political token now with a token general who's been called a "chickenshit-asskisser" by a CENTCOM commanding general in March 07 -- TO HIS FACE!.

    Poll: Less Than One In Four Want To Stay In Iraq To Achieve Democracy

  • Dave, I'm no sycophant (read asskisser), but your a pretty good writer yourself.

    Why You Need to Know Old Elmer

  • BIG DIFFERENCE – your trying to find equivalencies makes you a muslim terrorist asskisser.

    Blowing up the hand that feeds you « BuzzMachine

  • Jesse said he found Johnny Boy Bolton an asskisser first-class, a notch or two deeper in the crack than most brown-nosing Neo-Con altar boys--"I think I'm movin' Johnny Boy's nose out of my ass and around front to the head of my firm," old Uncle Jesse once chortled to Mark Foley.

    John Bolton's Pilgrim's Progress

  • Joan sniffs and says "You just think anyone who is proud of the work we do is an asskisser."

    Blue Beetle

  • Brooks responds, "No, I think anyone who presses their lips up against someone else's buttocks and SMOOCHES is an asskisser."

    Blue Beetle

  • It elevates one person above human status, and makes them "divinely entitled" ... the word "title" sort of says it all ... and demotes everyone else to bootlicker, suckerupper, asskisser, people pleaser, lackey, yes-man.

    wench77 Diary Entry

  • And then, according to one asskisser, apologizing for her ...


  • Here's Charles Babington, erstwhile McNuts 'asskisser:

    WTF Is It Now?!?


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