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  • verb Present participle of assuage.


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  • So any measure that increases the transparency of the process would be helpful in assuaging liberal anxiety over the effects of the excise tax.

    Matthew Yglesias » Health Care and Wages

  • Young women, suffused with tears, bruise and gash their lovely persons under the idea of assuaging the demon of desire, although by means tending in fact rather to strengthen his influence; others again, in opposite attitudes, solicit the approaches of the Divinity.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Freedburg recalls assuaging the concerns of station personnel who were apprehensive about giving young students access to equipment.

    The Nation: Top Stories

  • The declaration added that recent U.S. concessions will help in "assuaging" the Kremlin's concerns about whether the system is a threat to Russian defenses.

    Bush, Putin Leave Door Open

  • He must have had private doubts even while he was assuaging ours.

    The Good Fight

  • Each year at this time of gifts, merriment and lights, we find ourselves in the increasingly familiar predicament of assuaging our children's angst at not having a religion that takes part in the Holidays.

    Maryam Zar: The Persian Conundrum

  • The bank first offered the low-interest one-week dollar loans as a way of assuaging liquidity concerns after the March 11 disaster.

    Demand for BOJ Dollar Loans Perks Up

  • Successful ones, like Reagan and Mr. Clinton, manage to do so while assuaging the objections of their base.

    Could Nader Hurt Obama?

  • Such candor and earnestness should go a long way toward assuaging dashed hopes, yet Kantrowitz must still face some bitterly disappointed artists who had expectations for something much better.

    Daniel Grant: Starting-Out Artists: Are Your Career Expectations Realistic?

  • If I had been in Congress, rather than hold this bill hostage to get the pork that ensured my reelection, I would have traded my vote for a bill that prioritized healthier Americans vs. assuaging any lobbyist.



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