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  • noun North America, slang, vulgar, derogatory An obnoxious person; a jerk.


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ass +‎ -wad


  • I hear it's $25 per post from a person who knows someone who met with the asswad to talk about getting hosed as a Gawker Media blogger.

    Denton re-dentons -- again!

  • Stunningly, none of the coaches said: "Boy do I feel like an asswad for assuming that just because this guy was autistic, the best position for him was chucking sweaty towels in a bucket at the end of the day."

    Autistic Basketball Player

  • ~I haven't heard from asswad neighbor again, except I will sometimes hear a bang on my bedroom wall at night if I do cough (which I usually try to muffle).

    haloaskew Diary Entry

  • So yes, a nice man came to my rescue, the asswad moved and the rest is history.

    Snackie's World

  • Say, ohhhhhh, I dunno .... some asswad asking for his kidney back or for compensation.

    Don't Get Me Started with Linda Sharp


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