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  • adj. Characteristic of or like an ass or asshole.
  • adj. Like or resembling an ass; asinine.
  • n. Abbreviation of assembly.


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From ass (“arse, asshole”) +‎ -y.

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From ass (“donkey”) +‎ -y.

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Short for assembly.


  • I tend to lose my temper with morons who don't have a clue as to what's going on and my "assy" side slips out.


  • She's still working away on the dog cone skirt, but is a little concerned as she knows it could be either "classy or assy."

    Holly Cara Price: Rubbernecking Recap: Project Runway, Episode 2 "My Pet Project"

  • In Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, they went crazy and were pretty bad assy.

    Gentle Sith | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • Half of voting Republicans disapprove of their own dumb-ass representatives' asses and 43 percent of Democrats think the asses they elected are as assy as ass can be.

    James Napoli: Politics Is Ass Warfare

  • On the one hand, there's the cost to do the additional work to finish the job (which you'd really have to do anyway) and for the standing army and facilities (not inconsiderable .. spacecraft assy facilities aren't cheap to run).

    MSL Delays? - NASA Watch

  • This will solve the dynamic balance problem that could only be found in Micro-G? geez, I hope they bring the device back for a redesign or bring a new rotor assy before the bearing seizes.

    STS-126 Update - NASA Watch

  •   Because you know my assy friends forgot to stop at the ATM.

    Billets Doux

  • Yes, we live in a snarky, smart-assy hipster-pose Age, and in their public remarks about the show Moore and Eick constantly throw cold water on the writing choices and attempt to distance themselves from the geekier aspects of science fiction as a genre, but this show has truly been something special because of or in spite of its genre - purely as a work of staged dramatic fiction.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • In a stunning display of assy-ness, this morning Jeremy Zawodny sold out Andy Beal by showing the world he has been spamming MyBlogLog.

    Still Running the MyBlogLog Zune (iPod) Contest

  • In the American Prospect, Noy Thrupkaew endures Roberto Benigni's The Tiger and the Snow, but just barely: O assy clown-god - is this what unconditional love looks like?

    GreenCine Daily: Weekend shorts.


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