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  • See, when liberals take over the schools and make everyone read Rigoberta Menchu and the Vagina Monologues, basic astroengineering goes out the window!

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • It might be that some massive network of communications, or some shield against asteroidal impact, or some huge astroengineering project that we can't even begin to conceive of, could generate signals at radio or optical frequencies that a determined program of searching might detect.

    Jill Tarter's call to join the SETI search

  • Although they had developed wormholes and sent exploration ships ranging across the galaxy, they had only ever settled a dozen or so nearby star systems, none of which had massive astroengineering facilities.

    The Dreaming Void

  • Like generations of farm boys behind him, Bill had fled the open space for cubicles: first to college, then to graduate school, and ultimately into astroengineering where, to his amazement, he'd been selected to help crew humanity's first interstellar spaceship.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • The System's mother lode of heavy metals had been whittled away through millennia of astroengineering.

    The Ghost from the Grand Banks

  • It's not even Optimus: The concept sounds downright wacky, but natural processes of pressure and bizarre circumstances leading to natural-born nuclear reactions are not Here is a nice article on searching for evidence of alien astroengineering.

    MetaFilter Projects

  • With the outbreak of the Starflyer war, High Angel became the Commonwealth’s premier Navy base while the astroengineering companies turned their industrial stations over to warship production.

    The Dreaming Void

  • Several of the biggest astroengineering companies negotiated a lease on three of the domes, and the High Angel became a dormitory town for an archipelago of microgravity factory stations producing some of the Commonwealth’s most advanced, and profitable, technology.

    The Dreaming Void


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