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  • verb Present participle of astrogate.


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  • The skipper was in the act of putting the trip-tape in the instrument which would pass on the astrogational instructions to the astrogating unit itself.

    The Other Side Of Nowhere

  • Baron Rathmore, and Paytrik Morland, and several other Wardshaven gentlemen-adventurers for the latter function; Alvyn Karffard to act as Valkanhayn's exec, with private orders to supersede him in command if necessary, and Guatt Kirbey to do the astrogating.

    Space Viking

  • They knew enough of vector analysis to find their way around unassisted in electrical engineering and electronics; they knew classical geometry and trigonometry well enough for the astrogating of a space ship, and they had had enough of non-Euclidean geometry, tensor calculus, statistical mechanics, and quantum theory to get along with an atomic power plant But it had never occurred to them that they had not yet really penetrated the enormous and magnificent field of mathematics.

    The Rolling Stones


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