astrophysically love



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  • adverb With regard to astrophysics


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  • The Ice Warriors 'plan is a silly one, astrophysically, and the Doctor appears to deal with it by essentially snapping his fingers.

    Reading lists, revised

  • Also, what relevance does the existence of electric currents in the solar corona have to any astrophysically interesting nucleosynthesis processes?

    SDO On Station Transmitting First Data as Solar Science Payloads Open Today | Universe Today

  • For scalar singlet DM scenarios, a dark force of astrophysically relevant magnitude is ruled out in large regions of parameter space by the DM relic density and WEP constraints.

    Dark Forces Revisited

  • Tony Rothman has analysed this possibility recently and there's nothing astrophysically to preclude the possibility.

    Black Hole Drive Could Power Future Starships | Universe Today

  • At least we are able to deduce a long history, geologically and evolutionarily on Earth, astrophysically with the age of stars and cosmologically with redshift and Hubble distance.

    Do Atheists Exist?

  • And not in the astrophysically cool sense of the word.

    Sharon Glassman: Countrify-Me: Confessions of a Thru-Yorker

  • Additionally, the Web is receiving signals that are almost certainly informational from twenty-three different sources, identified with bodies or regions that are astrophysically unusual.

    The Boat of a Million Years

  • They weren't very good spaceships, but in my soul I knew they were astrophysically sound.

    With Friends Like These...

  • "It must be admitted that all versions of panspermia suffer from a hole in our knowledge, concerning how to go from an astrophysically delivered entity which contains substantial information to one which has the characteristics of what we normally regard as life," he wrote.

    Wired Top Stories

  • With much respect for our astrophysically inclined friends, in the gravity-bound context of a home the tiny amounts of static electricity present in motes of dust are only useful for explaining why fine particles stick together.



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