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  • In a swaying state; rocking from side to side.


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  • Instead, watch how she moves in her low-cut green dress: chin high, back straight, hips asway.

    The Worst Years of Your Life

  • Themselves within they stand to right and left in front of the towers, sheathed in iron, the plumes flickering over their stately heads: even as high in air around the gliding streams, whether on Padus 'banks or by pleasant Athesis, twin oaks rise lifting their unshorn heads into the sky with high tops asway.

    The Aeneid of Virgil

  • Full-sailed, wide-winged, poised softly forever asway. where the whole music of the line depends upon giving due time-emphasis to "poised."

    The Principles of English Versification

  • 'Then indeed I saw all Ilium sinking in flame, and Neptunian Troy uprooted from her base: even as an ancient ash on the mountain heights, hacked all about with steel and fast-falling axes, when husbandmen emulously strain to cut it down: it hangs threateningly, with shaken top and quivering tresses asway; till gradually, overmastered with

    The Aeneid of Virgil

  • "Cheloh!" and that means "Go ahead"; so the driver, who was a Sikh, went ahead as the guns go into action, asway and aswing, regardless of everything but speed.

    The Winds of the World

  • "Full-sailed, wide-winged, poised softly forever asway" is irregular according to the foot-rule of traditional prosody, when it is probable, as Mr.C. E. Russell maintains, that Swinburne was here composing in purely musical and not prosodical rhythm?

    A Study of Poetry

  • 'Full-sailed, wide-winged, poised softly forever asway?'

    A Study of Poetry

  • From my garden I look straight upon the Channel, and there are white caps upon the water, and the iris and tamarisk are all asway with the south-west wind that was also blowing yesterday.

    An Englishman Looks at the World

  • This is exactly why Jackie Clarkson was right in proposing to take away the unitlateral authority on the disbursement of contracts asway from Nagin.

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • 'Full-sailed | wide-winged | poised soft - | ly forev - | er asway.'

    A Study of Poetry


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