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  • noun mathematics asymptotic analysis


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  • Think about the asymptotics of the situation for once, rather than just considering the immediate first derivative, and even doing that in a narrow manner that ignores major social costs.

    "The Jobs Americans Won't Do": The Fallacy and the Reformulation, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • For econometric questions involving the trend, don't the asymptotics depend upon the span of the data rather then the number of observations?

    The Sixth Warmest Year, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • He was taking my question very seriously, giving it the same consideration he would if I had asked him about the asymptotics of partition theory.

    quotes that strike you dumb

  • Related to this, statistics for record times are discussed in many papers, for example Allan Gut, Precise asymptotics for record times and the associated counting process, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Vol.

    Bender's Plot of Hurricane Count « Climate Audit

  • Smolin is conjecturing the existence of an “ur” quantum theory in which (say) both AdS and flat-space asymptotics can be treated as different “truncations” of that “ur” theory.

    The Landscape - For Real This Time

  • But Ferson looks at autocorrelated series, which adds to the pile of concerns 3 ways: it widens the class of data for which the problem is relevant; cointegration does not resolve the problem as it does for the degenerate asymptotics in Philips 1986 and it seems to facilitate this striking amplification between data mining and strong autocorrelation.

    Ferson et al. on Interactions between Data Mining and Spurious Regression « Climate Audit

  • Providing a broad toolkit of analytical methods, Expansions and Asymptotics for Statistics shows how asymptotics, when coupled with numerical methods, becomes a powerful way to acquire a deeper understanding of the techniques used in probability and statistics.


  • A general question here would be to determine the asymptotics of the quantity is the number of lattice points in V in the ball TB of radius T. Thanks to a classical theorem of Borel and Harish-Chandra, it is known in the above setting that the integer points of V split as the finite union of orbits of the discrete group.

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  • Some asymptotics Fighting un-su ffi ciency When maximum likelihood estimators not easily computed (e.g., outside exponential families), Je ff reys suggests use of Pearson's minimum χ2 estimation, which is a form of MLE for multinomial settings.

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  • Some asymptotics Unbiasedness Searching for unbiased estimators presented in §4. 3 as a way of fi ghting un-su ffi ciency and attributed to Neyman and Pearson.

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